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# Contributing
1. Sign one of the contributor license agreements below.
1. [Install Go](
1. Clone the repo:
`git clone`
1. Change into the checked out source:
`cd dir2opds`
1. Fork the repo.
1. Set your fork as a remote:
`git remote add fork`
1. Make changes and commit
to your fork. Initial commit messages should follow the
[Conventional Commits]( style (e.g.
`feat(functions): add gophers codelab`).
1. Send a pull request with your changes.
1. A maintainer will review the pull request and make comments. Prefer adding
additional commits over amending and force-pushing since it can be difficult
to follow code reviews when the commit history changes.
Commits will be squashed when they're merged.

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# How to contribute
- [Contributing](