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dir2opds - serve books from a directory

dir2opds inspects the given folder and serve an OPDS 1.1 compliant server.


There are good options to serve books using OPDS. Calibre is good for that but if your server is headless, install Calibre doesn't seem to be the best option.

That is why calibre2opds exists, but if you have too many books and you don't want to create a Calibre library dir2opds could help you to have an OPDS server from a directory with one condition:

  • A folder should have only folders or only files.

Change log


go install


dir2opds -dir ./books -port 8080

Tested on:

  • Moon+ reader

More information

Binary release

Raspberry pi deployment using binary release

cd && mkdir dir2opds && cd dir2opds

# get the binary

tar xvf dir2opds_0.0.10_Linux_ARMv7.tar.gz

sudo touch /etc/systemd/system/dir2opds.service

# Paste the content below but rember to pass the fullpath of your books in -dir
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/dir2opds.service

sudo systemctl enable dir2opds.service

sudo systemctl start dir2opds.service




ExecStart=/home/pi/dir2opds/dir2opds -dir <FULL PATH OF BOOKS FOLDER> -port 8080


How to contribute